Artists Connect Edmonds is a no-fee art group that meets the 4th Saturday of each month from 10am-12pm, at Artworks or via Zoom. Artists Connect enables local artists to network, while learning techniques and resource information about diverse creative media from oil, acrylic and watercolor painting, to photography, collage, textiles, and hand-bound books.  Members come from Edmonds, Kirkland, Bothell, Snohomish, Shoreline, Seattle, Everett, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, and other communities in the Puget Sound area. 

ArtistsConnect Structure and Guidelines


The ArtistsConnect (AC) group is 100% volunteer run. The mission of ArtistsConnect is to provide its artist members with a link to support and opportunities to network with other artists and the community.

OBJECTIVES: With the goal of supporting the continuing growth of its members in the arts, ArtistsConnect members will:

  1. Conduct regular meetings for members to share technical and creative support.
  2. Maintain an ArtistsConnect website with information about ArtistsConnect and ArtistsConnect members. Maintain an announcements news group to facilitate the sharing of resources and group discussion.
  3. Create and share opportunities with members to help them to gain visibility of their artwork.


ArtistsConnect maintains a self-selected group of vested members who meet at request of Steering Committee Chair to advise and direct the overall organization of ArtistsConnect, coordinate ArtistsConnect meeting and programs, and oversee member show planning. All members are welcome to attend the Steering Committee meetings. The dates and times are posted via AC email announcements in advance. Steering Committee membership is open to vested members willing to commit to best interests of ArtistsConnect membership and uphold the ArtistConnect Mission.

Steering Committee Duties

  1. Meet once per quarter or as needed.
  2. Prioritize ArtistsConnect business.
  3. Manage general course of operations.
  4. Advise and direct the overall organization of ArtistsConnect.
  5. Provide guidance to Facilitator(s), Program Chair(s) and ARTSplash Coordinator.
  6. Plan for recruitment of new chairs to keep all position filled.
  7. Oversee financial decisions, including fund-raising activities.
  8. Review and help plan for general meeting continuity and overall presentation.
  9. Undertake an annual review of this document. Updates “Structure & Guidelines” as needed.
  10. May approve an individual’s offer to extend their term in an AC Position for longer than one year.



  1. Membership to the Steering Committee is open to any vested AC member.
  2. Membership is comprised of members who are willing to commit to the best interests of AC.
  3. Members stay up-to-date with meeting plans.
  4. Members are willing to assume the duties of Facilitator in the event of last-minute Facilitator unavailability.

Steering Committee Chair

  1. The Chair is selected from the Steering Committee Membership.
  2. The Chair sets meeting dates and posts dates on AC Announcements.
  3. The Chair sets the Steering Committee Agenda.
  4. Acts as AC liaison to the Edmonds Arts Festival and ArtWorks Coordinator.
  5. Calendar AC meeting and show dates in the ArtWorks facility.
  6. Appoints Ad Hoc AC project committees as needed.

Meeting Facilitator

Provides consistent leadership for ArtistsConnect (AC) activities, including:

  1. Conducts monthly AC General Meeting.
  2. Gathers agenda items from AC members and prepares meeting agenda.
  3. Coordinates with AC Website Administrator to ensure meeting and program information is current.
  4. Coordinates with Program Coordinator to insure monthly meetings are planned and run smoothly.
  5. Commits to a six-month role, or Co-Chairs for one year.
  6. Assists in recruiting replacement. Transitions in or overlaps next person to take job.
  7. Works cooperatively with AC Steering Committee and does not act unilaterally.

Program Coordinator

Arranges for monthly program portion of the meeting to further the goals and mission of ArtistsConnect.

  1. Provides for a variety of program speakers and/or activities that support the goals set forth in the Mission Statement and by AC members.
  2. Both AC member and guest speakers are asked to present gratis to AC – because of the nature of our organization we must invite on a no-fee basis. Exceptions may be considered only with prior notification and approval of Steering Committee.
  3. Seeks out Program suggestions from a variety of sources and from members. Encouraged to take an annual survey of members for input.
  4. Ensures all arrangements and speakers are prepared and confirmed prior to meeting.
  5. May “pass the basket” to raise funds to reimburse speaker only with prior notification and approval of Steering Committee.
  6. Commits to a six-month role or Co-chairs for one year.
  7. Assists in recruiting replacement. Transitions in or overlaps next person to take job.
  8. Works cooperatively with Facilitator and Steering Committee and does not act unilaterally.

Website and Facebook Administration

Maintains the members’ website and AC Announcements e-mail group to share resources and facilitate group discussion.

  1. Website and Facebook pages updated.
  2. EAFF purchases AC web services.
  3. Posts minutes received from Recorder, Program Coordinator, ARTSplash Coordinator, and Facilitator in timely fashion.
  4. Promptly posts messages from vested members onto the AC Announcements e-mail list.
  5. Maintains member directory on the AC website. Currently is also maintaining the mailing list of members.
  6. Assists in recruiting replacement. Transitions and advises next person to take job.
  7. Works cooperatively with Facilitator, Greeting Team, and AC Steering Committee and does not act unilaterally.

Greeter Team Coordinator

There are two aspects to this job: the first is to arrange for consistent method of checking in members at monthly meetings. It is also important that first-time attendees are identified and greeted.

  1. Arranges for all members to be checked-in at monthly meetings. Maintains records of attendance to be used to verify vested members.
  2. Keeps name badges up to date and displayed prior to each meeting.
  3. Makes sure there are AC volunteers ready to greet for each meeting.
  4. Arranges for guest check-in and provides forms to collect contact information.
  5. Coordinates with the Recorder to ensure that a “Welcome” email is sent to new members.
  6. Passes all new member contact information onto Website Administrator.
  7. Maintains supply of printed materials about AC (brochure) for new members.
  8. Sets up Networking Station for AC members to display promotional and resource materials for each meeting.
  9. Commits to a six-month role or Co-chairs for one year.
  10. Works cooperatively with Steering Committee and Website Administrator and does not act unilaterally.
  11. Assists in recruiting replacement. Transitions in or overlaps next person to take job.

Refreshments Team

Arranges for and sets up refreshments at monthly meetings, based on available funds. It is highly recommended as two person (co-chair) position.

  1. Coordinates with Steering Committee with concerns or suggestions.
  2. Arrives early to each monthly meeting set up coffee and tea. Has access to building code as is usually first to arrive for meetings.
  3. Collects and keeps track of donations for refreshments put in basket at AC meetings.
  4. Purchases drink and food items, as well as paper goods with money collected at meetings.
  5. Ensures refreshments are cleared away, station is clean, and trash is taken outside after each meeting.
  6. Maintains a list of tasks onsite at Art Works in case someone needs to substitute.
  7. Coordinate with ArtWorks Manager on issues concerning facility.
  8. Assists in recruiting replacement. Trains next team for easy transition.
  9. Commits to a six-month role or Co-chairs for one year.

ARTSplash Coordinator

ARTSplash fulfills the mission of ArtistsConnect to “Create and share opportunities with members to help them to gain visibility of their artwork.” Although each show is unique and show coordinators have each brought their own personal touch to the job, each Coordinator is expected to provide continuity in established show procedures.

  1. Works cooperatively with Steering Committee and does not act unilaterally.
  2. Follows guidelines and procedures from past shows. Brings new ideas to Steering Committee for discussion and approval prior to implementation.
  3. Actively seeks advice and cooperation from our affiliate organization, Edmonds Art Festival Foundation through EAFF Liaison, Ann Wood.
  4. Recruits members to form subcommittees to fulfill tasks listed in show procedures.
  5. Makes opportunity to participate in show equally available to all vested members of AC through announcements and dissemination of information.
  6. Arranges for ARTSplash business meetings to be carried out separately from AC monthly meetings.
  7. Maintains record of event planning and a final report for future reference.
  8. Commits to this job for the duration of planning and overseeing one ARTSplash show.

Organization Support Roles

There is a variety of support positions to maintain the smooth running of both meetings and communication. Each of these persons will:

  1. Coordinate with Steering Committee Chair with concerns or suggestions.
  2. Commit to a six-month role or shared duty for one year.
  3. Assist in recruiting replacement. Train next person to take job.

Set up Coordinator– Arrives early to set up for monthly meetings and makes arrangements to secure building after meetings. Ensures that the building is returned to its original condition. Coordinates with ArtWorks Manager on any issues concerning use of facility (key code, heating, etc.)

Artworks Manager– Manager of ArtWorks facility. Keeps calendar for all AC activities held at ArtWorks. Including monthly meetings, ARTSplash planning meetings, and the ARTSplash event.

Edmonds Art Festival Foundation Liaison– Member of Edmonds Art Festival and provides advice and support to ArtistsConnect.

Recorder– Keeps notes at each monthly meeting and steering committee meetings. Types and forwards meeting summary (including a welcome to new members and any calls to artists mentioned in the meeting) to the Steering Committee Chair for review and sends result to AC announcements via email. Note: Get newcomers email address from Greeter and cc them on the email.

Timekeeper– Assists the Facilitator at each monthly meeting by setting up message board, keeping track of the time, and reminders to stay on agenda if needed.

Member– Anyone attending and signing in at an ArtistsConnect general meeting is a member. To remain an active member, members must sign in while attending at least one meeting per year.

Vested Member– A vested member is considered a member attending, and signing in to, at least two general monthly ArtistsConnect meetings in a concurrent six-month period. Attendance is based on sign-in sheets from monthly meetings and/or attendance at a Steering Committee meeting.

Note: The first version of AC Structure and Guidelines was prepared by the AC Steering Committee as of November 2008. All information of job descriptions was gathered from current and past chairs as available. The Steering Committee met three times (October 9th, 16th and November 13th 2008) to discuss all issues contained in this document. Each of these Steering Committee meetings was open and announced to all members of AC. Our hope is to set a clear standard for future volunteers interested in perpetuating the organization of ArtistsConnect.

– Tracy Fraker, Facilitator Steering Committee Chair 2008

This document was last updated Feb 2019

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